TSS Visa Nomination Approval:Contract Administrator

Published on May 27, 2024

Temporary Skill Shortage visa (subclass 482) Nomination Approval: Contracts Administrator


The Contracts Administrator for TSS visas is one of the most critical occupations, which generally results in the refusal of nomination applications.

Allow us to share a success story that demonstrates our expertise, advice, skills, and legal knowledge and instils confidence in our potential clients. Our client, a cleaning company based in Melbourne that serves all states and territories of Australia, sought our assistance in sponsoring a contract administrator for his business.


Before the nomination approval, the biggest challenge and concern during the nomination application process was that the company had only ONE employee. Is there a genuine need?

Well, when there is a challenge, and you can utilise your skills, that makes great customer service and satisfaction. To come up with a positive outcome for this nomination application, we strategised a plan of action involving our team of lawyers, who had different legal contexts to use in this situation.

We gathered all the evidence of the business financials, contracts, and, most importantly, the list of contractors working for the business. In discussions with the Team and our client, we incorporated all aspects and requirements, including the genuine need for the position and why the business is hiring a full-time Contracts Administrator, into our legal submission. Finally, within two weeks, we received the nomination approval without any requests from the department.

Only ONE employee and nomination got approved; that’s how we strategically get results for our clients. The main argument in this nomination application was that the business is a large-scale cleaning business with more than 330 subcontractors working in different parts of Australia. The scale of bookings and organising subcontractors for the cleaning schedules really demonstrated the genuine need.

We at Kris Ahn Lawyers always take pride in our work because we utilise all our expertise, skills and legal knowledge to get positive results for our clients.

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