Unlocking the Enhancements of the ACS Portal Update and Insights into Successful Case Studies

Published on July 9, 2024

Unlocking the Enhancements of the ACS Portal Update and Insights into Successful Case Studies

The Australian Computer Society (ACS) has rolled out its updated ACS Migration Skills Assessment process, bringing several noteworthy enhancements to the forefront. Let’s delve into the core features of this update:


ACS Migration Skills Assessment

Increased Fees

The fees have clearly seen a significant increase.

For example:

     – Post Australian Study (Qualification and experience and/or ACS Professional Year required) have increased from AUD 530 to AUD 1,100.

     – General Skills (Qualification and experience required) have risen from AUD 560 to AUD 1,450.

Please refer to the chart below for the remaining prices.

ACS Migration Skills Assessment

Pay Before Completing Application

After filling out personal information, applicants must pay the application fee before proceeding.

Scan ID Documents

Applicants can now complete identity verification by scanning their passport and secondary identification documents using their phones instead of uploading them.

Enhanced Flexibility with Multiple ANZCO Codes in One Application

In a significant enhancement, applicants can now apply for up to three ANZCO codes concurrently, all for a single fixed price. This streamlines the application process and broadens the scope for successful assessment outcomes.

Key Features of the Updated Skills Module:

  • The updated Skills module comprises six categories housing 93 skills; each categorised into five levels (A-E).
  • Applicants are required to select 10-20 skills they possess, which then automatically generates suitable occupations.
  • From the generated options, applicants can choose three occupations for the skills assessment.
  • Despite the seemingly intricate nature of this process, it offers enhanced precision and flexibility, catering to diverse applicant profiles and preferences.

Detailed Work Experience Proof

   – If applicants cannot provide an employer reference letter, the applicant and a referee must provide a statutory declaration.

Real-Time Application Tracking

Introducing an applicant dashboard allows for instant updates on application statuses, empowering applicants with real-time information and engagement throughout the assessment process.

These changes reflect ACS’s efforts to streamline the application process while ensuring thorough and accurate assessments. While the increased fees and additional steps may seem daunting, the updates aim to provide a more detailed and customised evaluation of applicants’ skills and experiences.

Successful Case Study Post-ACS Update

The recent ACS updates have streamlined the application process, enhancing its efficiency and precision.

  1. Upon submission, ACS now recommends three occupations based on the applicant’s actual work skills.
  2. For each of these recommended occupations, a detailed skills assessment report is provided.
  3. The processing time has also been significantly reduced, with results typically available within 2-3 days once the completeness of the submitted materials is confirmed.

Tony, a Senior Lawyer at Kris Ahn Lawyers, provides this insightful case study on ACS applications.

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