Australia Increases Financial Capacity Requirement for Student and Student Guardian Visas

Published on May 8, 2024

Starting from May 10, 2024, the financial capacity requirement for Student and Student Guardian visas in Australia will increase.


Effective May 10, 2024, significant changes are being implemented to the financial capacity requirement for individuals applying for Student and Student Guardian visas in Australia. This update comes as part of broader efforts to ensure applicants can sustain a reasonable standard of living while pursuing their studies in the country.

Adjustment to Financial Capacity Requirement

Under the revised guidelines, the financial capacity requirement will be adjusted to correspond to 75% of the national minimum wage. This recalibration aims to provide a more accurate reflection of the funds necessary to maintain basic living standards during the course of study, considering that students are typically out of session for approximately 25% of the year. During these breaks, students may choose to return home or take up unrestricted work opportunities.

Benefits for International Students

By aligning with this new financial capacity requirement, international students can make more informed decisions about their educational journey in Australia. Additionally, this adjustment is expected to mitigate various risks commonly associated with financial strain, visa breaches, and susceptibility to exploitation among students.

Comparative Analysis

To illustrate the changes, a comparative table detailing the minimum required funds before and after May 10, 2024, has been provided:

Financial Capacity Requirement

Increase to the Financial Capacity Requirement for Student and Student Guardian visas

Transition Period

It’s important to note that we understand the need for a transition period. Therefore, applications submitted before May 10, 2024, will be evaluated based on the financial capacity requirements in effect at the time of application. This ensures that those who have already started their application process are not disadvantaged by the new requirement.


In summary, these updates to the financial capacity requirement signify a proactive approach by Australian immigration authorities to ensure the well-being and financial stability of international students and their families throughout their academic pursuits in the country.

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