186 TRT Visa Successfully Granted: General Manager

Published on May 30, 2024

186 TRT Visa Successfully Granted: General Manager

The position of General Manager can be one of the most challenging to nominate for when applying for a 186 visa, often posing difficulties regarding the genuine need for the role. Here, we share a success story that demonstrates our expertise in the field of immigration law.


One of our clients initially arrived in Australia on a 457 visa, nominated for the position of General Manager. When attempting to transition to a 186 TRT (Temporary Residence Transition) visa, the nomination was refused by the Department of Home Affairs. The Department did not believe there was a genuine need for the General Manager position, a decision that was subsequently upheld by the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT).


The primary challenge in this case was to convince the Department of the genuine need for the General Manager role. The refusal of the 186 TRT visa nomination and the affirmation of this decision by the AAT added to the complexity of the case.

Our Approach

After the initial refusal, the client sought our advice on their visa options. Our team of experienced immigration lawyers conducted a thorough review of the case and identified the most viable pathway to achieve the client’s goal of obtaining permanent residency in Australia.

Strategy and Execution

  1. Applying for a 482 Visa:
    • We advised the client to apply for a 482 visa before the expiration of their 457 visa. This would allow them to remain in Australia and continue their employment while we worked on a long-term solution.
    • Our team meticulously prepared the 482 visa application, ensuring all necessary documentation and evidence were provided to support the genuine need for the General Manager position.
  2. Strengthening the 186 Visa TRT Application:
    • After securing the 482 visa, we began preparing a new 186 TRT visa application.
    • We gathered comprehensive evidence to demonstrate the essential nature of the General Manager role within the client’s organization. This included detailed business plans, organizational charts, and testimonials from key stakeholders.
    • We carefully addressed the concerns raised in the previous refusal and AAT decision, providing clear and compelling arguments to establish the genuine need for the position.


Through our strategic approach and diligent preparation, the client’s 482 visa application was approved, allowing them to continue working in Australia. Eventually, with the strengthened application and substantial evidence, the family successfully obtained Australian permanent residency through the 186 Visa TRT stream.


This case highlights the importance of expert legal guidance in navigating complex immigration processes. Our deep understanding of immigration law, combined with strategic planning and meticulous preparation, enabled us to achieve a successful outcome for our client. We take pride in utilizing our expertise, skills, and legal knowledge to secure positive results, even in the most challenging cases.

186 TRT Visa Grant Letter

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